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Andrés Villarreal


Software Developer

I'm a pragmatic web developer and software engineer who is passionate about the web, frontend technologies, and the open source ecosystem.


A Short Introduction

I've been programming since I was 12 years old. What I have learned so far can be summarized as "the less code the better".

However, we live in the real world, so I have learned to cope with gigantic codebases and have gotten used to spending hours debugging through strange code written before I even graduated from high school.

In my spare time, I enjoy making and listening to music, playing old video games, and working on my own side‑projects. I'd love to show you all my music but no one ever seems to ask...

Personal Information

Andrés Villarreal Cordero
Costa Rican
Berlin, Germany


Spanish (first language), and English (advanced).

Professional Experience

HelloFresh: 2018 - current
  • Optimized an e-commerce funnel making heavy use of A/B testing.
  • Implemented an ultra-performant landing page framework that led to increases in user conversion.
  • Mentored interns and junior engineers.
SecureLink: 2014 - 2018
  • Maintained an enterprise software application.
  • Designed and implemented new features.
  • Improved the stability of our existing codebase by creating automated tests and refactoring.
  • Documented existing software and processes to facilitate knowledge sharing with team mates and new hires.
  • Modernized the application's frontend by introducing tools like NPM into our workflow.
  • Designed and developed an internal dashboard to view customer usage information.
Growth Acceleration Partners: 2012 - 2014
  • Designed, developed, and maintained web applications that made use of the LAMP stack.

Academic Preparation

UCenfotec: 2011 - 2017

Software Development Associate's Degree

Colegio Yurusti: Graduated on 2010

High School Diploma


I am skilled in

  • Working, communicating, and assisting my teammates in order to develop high quality software solutions.
  • Developing web applications using these technologies:
    • HTML5
    • CSS: Sass, Bootstrap, Foundation, CSS in JS
    • ]JavaScript: TypeScript, Node, Express, React, Redux, AngularJS, jQuery
    • PHP: Symfony, Zend Framework, Laravel, Silex, CakePHP, Doctrine
    • Java: Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Spring Boot, Tomcat, JUnit, Freemarker
    • Relational Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, sqlite
  • Leveraging software configuration, development, and other tools:
    • Source Control: Git, Subversion
    • Automation and Deployment: NPM, Grunt, Composer, Maven, Ant
    • IDEs / Editors: Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ Idea, Atom, Eclipse, Netbeans, Vim
    • Continuous Integration: Concourse, Gitlab CI, Jenkins
    • DevOps: Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Usage of operating systems:
    • Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS)
    • Microsoft Windows
    • OSX, macOS

I want to improve my skills in

  • DevOps
  • Free And Open Source Software
  • Leadership


  • The site you are viewing right now. View source on Github.
  • "Password Passthrough" Wordpress plugin - I made this Wordpress plugin for a company I worked at since they needed this very specific feature. However, I thought it could be useful to other people so I put it on the Wordpress plugin repository. Now it has over 400 active installs.

Other projects

I have built a few CRUD apps at work, school, and also a few command-line programs that I've incorporated into my daily workflow. If you take a look at my Github, you'll notice there are a lot of oddball projects that I've stopped working on. This is usually because I try to come up with silly projects in order to learn a new programming language or framework.

The projects below are projects I built on my own in my spare time. They are not your typical software application, but more like something I enjoyed programming purely for fun.

go to sleep
go to sleep
toilet game
toilet game
Rate Our Foods
Rate Our Foods (sorry, no link because it's private)
GLXY (for Android)
GLXY (for Android)